The Lollababy Story

December 27, 2016 9:52 am

Nasal Aspirator, excess mucus, lollababy, bulb syringe, graco

Like many young parents everywhere, I own an array of babycare products, from sterilizers to digital thermometers, to help me look after my three-year-old son. And when Marc began attending pre-school, he would catch colds and flu every month from his classmates. At the time, I tried the baby manual pump which looked like a rubber light bulb, and my husband used the human suction nasal aspirator, in many attempts to help my son clear his blocked nose as he was too young to blow out the mucus by himself. Then my husband caught the flu germs too, and I was at the end of my rope.

One day, I saw a fellow young mom in church using a handheld device on her own young son. She was pointing its nose tip at her baby’s nose and it was like watching a small miracle. There was a gentle whirring nose from the device, and what looked like mucus collecting in the top part of the device. Her son looked so comfortable and wasn’t crying at all. I asked her what that was, and so the germ (excuse the pun) of the idea of distributing Lollababy’s nasal aspirator for the Singapore market (and beyond) was born.

Ever since I started using the battery-powered nasal aspirator to clear my son’s blocked nose, both of us have shown less frustration and are calmer now that the aspirator helps us ease his congestion.

The power tip in the Lollababy aspirator kit was specially designed by us for a stronger extraction of thick mucus. We found that our son had very thick phlegm and mucus which was very difficult to blow out. So we had this particular tip designed with a wider diameter for more extraction of thick mucus.

I’m very excited about creating Lollababy’s line of baby products, starting with our battery-powered nasal aspirator, because young parents today, grandparents too, who are always on th go, need well-designed baby devices to help them care for their children whenever they catch coughs and colds, the most common sicknesses of childhood.