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New Born Bundle (Nasal Aspirator, In Ear Thermometer with 40 Pcs Probe Cover & Nail Trimmer)


Lollababy Nasal Aspirator

Usual Price $129

Say bye to stuffy noses with the Lollababy Nasal Aspirator! Our flagship product promises on-the-go, fast relief for stuffy noses. Of medical-grade quality, it is gentle yet still powerful enough to clear all of your child’s mucus, boogers, and snot out quickly and with minimum fuss. Comes with three silicone tips of different shapes and lengths, perfect for newborns and young children alike. Other features:

Medical Grade, Widely-Approved. HSA, MDA, FDA and CE-approved. RoHS compliant. Latex and BPA free.
Waterproof. Easy day-to-day maintenance and cleaning.
Low Noise. Non-distressing experience for babies and young children.
Ergonomic design. Good grip and control; stands upright for easy storage.
Portable and Compact. Lightweight and runs on 2AA alkaline batteries.

Nasal Aspirator Kit contains:

• 1 Main Unit
• 3 Sizes of Silicone Tips
• 1 Instruction Manual
• 2 Spare Silicone Rings
• 1 Zipper Travel Pouch

Batteries are not included.

In Ear Thermometer with Probe Cover (40Pcs)

Usual Price $138.80

Stay cool with the Lollababy Infrared In-Ear Thermometer! The probe measures at 5.9mm, making it extremely suitable for gentle and quick temperature measurement for newborns. The large LCD screen and LED backlight makes measurements easy to read as well. Other features:

Quick. One-second ear measurement.
Easy Storage. Includes a portable case with built-in probe cover fixer.
Hygienic. Comes with 21 probe covers; replacements available for purchase at our estore.
Portable. Lightweight, runs on a CR2032 battery.

In-Ear Thermometer Kit contains:
• 1 Thermometer
• 21 Probe Covers
• 1 Storage Box
• 1 CR2032 Battery

Probe Cover (40Pcs)

• Designed for use with our Lollababy Infrared In-Ear Thermometer
• 1 x Connection Ring
40 replacement probe covers

Lollababy Nail Trimmer Manicure Set

Usual Price $59

Polish neatly with the Lollababy Nail Trimmer Set! Comes with six attachments designed for a variety of purposes for both babies and adults, all especially gentle on cuticles and soft nail beds. The low noise motor also lets you trim your child’s nails without interrupting sleep. Other features:

Different Tools for Different Purposes. 3 nail pads for babies (0 – 12 mths); 3 for adults (shaving and polishing).
Multiple settings. Control speed (high/low) and rotation (clockwise/reverse) for enhancing nail filing positions.
Easy to Use. One button design makes it easy to operate.
Portable. Runs on 2AA alkaline batteries.

Nail Trimmer Set contains:
• 1 Nail Trimmer Body
• 5 Nail Pads
• 1 Point Polisher
• 1 Travel Case

Batteries are not included.

$326.80 $255.60