About Lollababy

When Marcel was very young and started going to playschool, he often fell sick after catching contagious infections playing with other children in airconditioned classrooms and play areas. We even fell sick ourselves from the germs passed to us through using healthcare devices to treat Marcel’s flu symptoms.

Lollababy was founded with our first medical device for babies: the Lollababy Battery-operated Nasal Aspirator. We are thrilled that many parents find it useful. When parents began telling us that the existing suction tips were too big for newborns, we went a step further and designed a tip small and safe enough to use on newborns. Our relationship with our customers is very important, and we are always looking for ways to improve on our service and product design.

Because babies and young children require a great deal of attention and care, all our Lollababy products are designed to help you enjoy the wonder years without the hassle of high-maintenance baby products. Each of them are innovative, easy, and often portable. It’s all about making parenting lighter and fun.

As parents, we hope to walk this journey with you as our Lollababy products accompany your children through the growing years.


We are committed to the safety and use of our products. The Lollababy Nasal Aspirator has been approved by Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority, the governing board which ensures health-related products meet its required standards of safety, quality and efficacy.


We only offer baby care products which we have tried and tested ourselves within the family setting,

We believe in using well-designed, well-made products from reliable manufacturrs, with approval from various health authorities in the US and in Singapore.


We are customers too, and expect high standards of integrity when we make transactions. Each Lollababy product you purchase comes with a one-year warranty and if you are unhappy about any aspect of the product, tell us please, so we can come to a solution with serves you, our customer.