Refunds and Exchanges

Return/Defect/Cancellation Policy

Note that return terms are different for defect and non-defect items.


  1. If you received a defect item, please notify us within 7 days of receipt either by replying to your order email. Please explain the nature of the defect and attach any pictures or videos, if these are deemed helpful in explaining the problem.
  2. Once the defect is confirmed, we will either send you a replacement from our own warehouse or have the supplier contact you directly to exchange.
  3. In the rare instance when defect is too complicated and cannot be clearly demonstrated by a picture or video, you can choose to send the item back to us for evaluation. We will then perform tests to confirm the defect. Note that the replacement will be shipped out only after the defect is confirmed which might take some time. If the item is sent back to us but we cannot confirm the defect or alleged defect is considered to be within normal range of operation, then we will have to send the item back to you at extra charge.


  1. We do not accept non-defect returns or do refunds.



Do note that we do not accept cancellations after an order is placed on our website.


  1. For all defects covered under the warranty period, customers will be directed to the respective warranty service centres for repairs. In the event a product under warranty cannot be repaired or replaced by the warranty service centre, a refund in the form of a store credit will be issued.