Our range of babycare products, starting with the baby nasal aspirator (more items in the pipeline!), are easy to use and designed to be taken wherever you go with baby.

Nasal Aspirator

Our battery-powered nasal aspirator provides a gentle and steady suction which easily removes baby’s excess nasal mucus.The soft silicone tips (three sizes for different suction usage: For your new borns, power suction, long reach tips ) are soft and gentle against baby’s nostrils. Compact, lightweight and portable for outdoor use. Stands upright for easy storage. For ages newborn and up.

● Quickly and gently removes excess mucus
● Waterproof and washable
● Little operation noise
● Ergonomic design for good grip and control
● Big mucus cap which is easy to clean
● Stands upright
● Operated by two AA batteries 

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Infrared Thermometer

Our infrared thermometer helps you get a quick reading of your child’s temperature whenever your child is feeling unwell or has a fever.

What you get with our battery-operated infrared thermometer

  • Instant Read Fast, accurate readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature scales
  • Dual Mode  The only thermometer that you will ever need. Measure temperature via forehead (suitable for all ages) or ear (recommended for children over 3 months)
  • Silent Mode The silent/no-contact mode lets you monitor your child without any disturbance
  • Easy-to-Read Screen+Fever Warning Backlit LCD screen lets you monitor children at night in blue, yellow, or red lights which which indicate if fever is present and how elevated it is

Features which benefit parents and caregivers

PROFESSIONAL ACCURACY  HSA and FDA-approved, our hospital grade thermometers guarantee accurate readings in both °C and °F

1-SECOND READING  Instant readings allows for quick diagnosis

2 MEASUREMENT METHODS  Forehead and ear temperature taken with infrared thermometer

3 COLOUR BACKLIGHTS  Inbuilt fever warnings indicate if temperature is normal (37.5°C), elevated (37.6°C—37.9°C), or there is fever (38°C and above)

SILENT MODE  Turn the silent mode on if checking on a sleeping child

SUITABLE FOR INFANTS, KIDS, ADULTS  Though specially made for babies and younger children, this thermometer can be used by all ages.


Watch this short video to learn more about how our baby aspirator clears your baby’s blocked nose quickly and simply!